Lunar - The BlackBerry Preservation Project

BlackBerry OS

Apps such as Spotify and Deezer are available for BBOS but are no longer functional. We recommend throwing MP3s on an SD card and using the built-in music app.

BlackBerry 10

The Spotify APK still works for streaming and downloading music. It's very slow, so we recommend using a native offline music app.

Blackberry OS

PodTrapper still works for podcasts. It is available for download on the archive. The developer provided a free registration code for everyone when he EOL'd the app: 1943BFF87134

The search feature no longer works, so you have to add feed URLs manually. To do this, select "Add Podcasts" > "Enter Feed URLs Manually" and paste the URL into the dialog box. Many feed URLs will no longer work because they are encrypted. You can find unencrypted URLs by searching for your podcasts at this site.

BlackBerry 10

You can use an Android app like Spotify for podcasts or bPod natively.