Lunar - The BlackBerry Preservation Project

BlackBerry OS

With BlackBerry World no longer available, your best option for finding BlackBerry apps is the Lunar Archive. We have an extensive collection of BBOS apps, games, and themes available for download. You can use the BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (see the previous page) to load the apps (.cod and .jad files) to your device. Alternatively, on BBOS 7.x, you can download and install apps from the archive directly on your device. No PC is needed!

Side Note: We also have the tools needed to develop native BBOS apps in the archive, but BlackBerry's signing servers have been shut down. As a result, you can only make applications that utilize basic APIs, as signing is no longer possible. If you want to make new BlackBerry OS apps, we recommend developing web apps that have minimal CSS and do the heavy lifting server-side (using something like PHP) as an alternative.

BlackBerry 10

On BB10, we recommend getting your apps from the Lunar Archive. That said, the Amazon App Store somehow still works. The selection is limited, and it is very buggy, but it's there if you need it.

Loading apps onto the BlackBerry 10 depends on the type of file. If it is a native .bar file, use the Desktop Manager. If it is an .apk, download it straight to the BlackBerry or download it to a PC, enable developer mode on the BlackBerry, insert a memory card, and copy it to the BlackBerry memory card.