Lunar - The BlackBerry Preservation Project

Welcome to the Lunar BlackBerry Guide! This primarily focuses on BBOS and BB10 at present, but a Playbook section will be added eventually.

For some background, this guide was written in order to help you use your aging BlackBerry devices in the 2020s. There are several links along the top of the page. Follow them in order, top to bottom, and by the end, you should have a working(ish) device. Many people are wondering if the BlackBerry can be used without a connection to BlackBerry's servers. More often than not, the answer is yes. The device relies very little on BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) and BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Services). This guide aims to help you, the end user, cut BIS and BES out of the equation now that official BlackBerry services are gone. Before following these steps, many websites and apps will not work with the old BlackBerry devices due to their outdated security standards. This guide aims to somewhat fix these issues with patches or tricks to get it working online.

Before we begin, massive thanks to The Bold Explorer for providing a great deal of this info! We've worked hard to modernize his findings but many things continue to work as they always have.

Also, if you need help at any point in the guide, do not hesitate to ask in the Lunar Discord.

Finally, be sure to check out the Lunar Launchpad to find websites that still work great on your BlackBerry OS device.